A Letter to the Churches of America: Churches Standing on the Word of God

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A Letter to the Churches of America
by Servant George B. Prude

Believing in and following the Word of God can make a great difference in our lives. The author, having had several church memberships in the past and having been a long-time servant of God, discusses the many issues and problems that churches across America are facing. He strictly builds upon the belief that the resolution and solution to these problems can only be achieved by absolute obedience to God's written Word. Prude discusses in an elaborate yet simple manner the ten palpable issues that God's churches have fallen deeply into. But more to that, he offers some real solutions to them while making sure that his ideas are clearly understandable, and that people will be better Christians than they are.

A Letter to the Churches of America, by George Prude, examines the current problematic plight of the churches across America and gives biblically grounded solutions to the dilemma.

About the Author

George Prude, a loyal servant of God, is a devout Christian with an undying zest to help others. He always participates in community activities like giving blood, helping the homeless, assisting tornado victims, and taking part in road races to support the hurting and suffering. This overflowing zest has also led him to be a valuable member of charitable organizations, Habitat for Humanity being only one among the many. He ensures to submit to self ministry every time, and writing this book is one in which he hopes to greatly help individual Christians and the Church at large. Prude, born on December 14, 1952, resides in Huntsville, Alabama.

(2013, Paperback, 144 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review