A Human, Then a Building, Now a Rising Stock

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A Human, Then a Building, Now a Rising Stock

by Billy Beans

A Human, Then a Building, Now a Rising Stock follows the author’s journey through turmoil following the loss of his brother. This account chronicles the far-reaching damage and suffering felt by him and his family. Repeatedly seeing the person he believed responsible for his brother’s death exacerbated a destructive path for the author, leading to alcohol addiction and criminal actions to deal with the anger and hurt. It is a vivid description of how a difficult loss and perceived injustice impacted so many people, but with assistance, the author was able to get his addiction under control. In a way, he was able to change his thinking from a negative to a positive outlook on life. No matter the challenge, he was able to overcome them. The author states, “People would hope I’d forgive and forget but with no justice and closure it would become what I thought was an impossible task to move forward. This was a terrifying learning experience I will never forget.”


About the Author

Billy Beans wrote an article to help pass Marsy’s Law in North Dakota, giving victims more rights. He has donated blood, and protested alone to raise awareness of injustice, corruption, and loopholes in the legal system. His hobbies include writing and collecting coins. His special interest is the legal system. In 2018, Beans started attending AA. He never believed it would work, but it helps to be in a group of people struggling with the same thing.


(2022, paperback, 130 pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review