A Formula for Reparation: A Workable Forgiveness for a Long Overdue Sin

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A Formula for Reparation: A Workable Forgiveness for Long Overdue Sin

by Carolyn Brooks-Burton

A Formula for Reparation: A Workable Forgiveness for Long Overdue Sin focuses on Carolyn Brooks-Burtons belief that descendants of Africans who were sold into slavery should be awarded cash payments as a means of atonement. Relying heavily upon the biblical scripture, a formula centering around the number seven is used to determine what is believed to be an equitable redistribution of wealth in order to economically uplift the fortunes of African Americans. A topic that has periodically sparked debate, the social and political climate of today would appear to make it extraordinarily unlikely that payments will ever be made to ancestors of those who last toiled over one hundred forty years ago under the ownership of a plantation owner. Those who stand opposed to such reparations will cite that while the nation at large, and Southern states in particular, greatly benefited from slavery, less than five percent of United States citizens were slave owners. In addition, those opposed will also cite that the vast majority of African slaves were sold to Americans by Africans who either captured or conquered those sold into bondage. It will be argued that those Africans who originally sold the slaves also benefited enormously from this shameful business and there would be no practical means available to collect reparation monies from them, as they are equally, if not more, culpable. This book, however, will certainly provoke passionate debates while inspiring thought and promoting dialogue, which could be the result of this work. While the issue is sensitive in nature, Brooks-Burton approached the topic and offers her opinion in a manner that is professional and dignified.


Carolyn Brooks-Burton, a native of Florida, is living out her retirement in Hartford, Connecticut. She has three children Leroy Bryant, Jr., Preston Leon Bryant, and Liama Belcher Holmes. Carolyn has been and continues to be actively involved in multiple organizations: NAACP, Whos Who in Executives and Professionals, Lift Every Voice and Sing (LEVAS) Organization, Blue Hills Neighborhood Revitalization Zone/Blue Hills Civic Association (BHNRZ/BHCA), St. Francis Hospital (Corporator and Community Advisory Board), and the Young Womens Christian Council (YWCC) of her church. In addition, she enjoys singing, dancing, laughing, and taking an active role as a community service volunteer. (2007, paperback, 38 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review