A Field Guide for New Supervisors - eBook

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A Field Guide for New Supervisors

By: Stephen C. Gerwin

About the Book

“I wish someone would have clued me in when I took on this supervisory job!”

                You know the drill, you are promoted to a supervisor’s position, your boss wishes you well and off you go. No training, no help, no road ahead.

                A Field Guide for New Supervisors is a compilation of fifty subject areas which will assist individuals who suddenly find themselves in charge for the first time—as a supervisor, a team leader, a boss, or as one who aspires to become a supervisor. With over forty-one years of supervisory experience documented, A Field Guide for New Supervisors can be used to spark conversation on any subject common to supervisors and can also be used as a basis for training.


About the Author

Stephen C. Gerwin is a life-long public servant working in the utility business for thirty-eight years. He graduated from the University of Maryland with an undergraduate in engineering and a graduate degree in public policy. He worked for two major water utilities, the last as a bureau chief. During those years he held every position from line supervisor to CEO. He also held positions as a PTA president and leadership positions in various boards and committees. His first large leadership position was stage manager in a high school drama production in 1973. All along that thirty-eight year professional journey notes were taken, best practices recorded, words of wisdom captured. This book is a compilation of those treasures.


(2019, ebook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review