A Black Man’s Revenge

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A Black Mans Revenge
by Paul Stanley Erby

Annie Tolbert is proud of her son, Marcus, who has worked hard to become a prosecuting attorney. When Annie suffers a major heart attack following Marcuss graduation, she divulges dark secrets of the pastsecrets of theft, betrayal, and murder. It releases a torrent of hate and retaliation in Marcus, who is willing to put his future in jeopardy in order to get revenge. He returns to South Carolina, to his familys roots, to find the man his mother spoke of on her deathbed.

Annies confession and Marcuss plan may change his familyand the communityforever. He is only certain of one thing: Regardless of the outcome, he will teach this man a black mans revenge.

About the Author

Paul Stanley Erby grew up in Blackwell, Arkansas. Currently, he attends South West Bible College and Seminary, pursuing an associates degree. He is married to Dorinda Cain Erby and has three children, Shawtra, Derwin, and Paul Jr. When not writing, Paul enjoys finishing, hunting, and basketball. He and his family currently live in Conway, Arkansas, where he is the pastor of Pilgrim Rest#2 Baptist Church, located in the Happy Bend Community.

(2009, paperback, 30 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review