A Bible for the 3rd Millennium - eBook

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A Bible for the 3rd Millennium - eBook

A Bible for the 3rd Millennium

By: Bruce M. Beaverson


About the Book /Author


“A unique and fascinating analysis of religion meant for anyone searching for a deeper understanding of his or her own belief system.”

“A powerhouse of logic and clarity in a field cluttered with obfuscation and controversy.”

“A truly remarkable book. The depth of the author's research and the wisdom of his insights are astonishing. The presentation of disputations with religious scholars is a treasure. Dr. Beaverson's rational analysis of prayer and miracles is fascinating, as is his proposal of a new set of Ten Commandments. Universities and book clubs alike will find a wealth of material for study and discussion. A Bible for the 3rd Millennium is highly recommended, whether one proclaims blind religious faith or outright atheism, and certainly for anyone in between those two polar extremes.”

- Shlomo Ben Leib, rabbi and theologian


(2019, eBook)