31 Days of Down Syndrome: A Handbook for Special Families - eBook

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31 Days of Down Syndrome: A Handbook for Special Families

By: Cheryl and Ray Patterson


About the Book

Having someone in your family with special needs can be a challenge for some. With this book full of tips on how to cope with these needs and how to deal with other’s reaction, this firsthand experienced family will guide you on your journey, specifically those with Down Syndrome. This experience, a sudden change in life, can be emotionally over-whelming, draining, and the most fulfilling moment a family can experience. The Patterson family provides real world experience of what is yet to come and help those realize that this is the more heart-warming event of their lives.


About the Author

Cheryl Faux Patterson is a mother of two who has been registered as a radiological technician and safety officer in the medical field for over twenty years. She enjoys living healthy, exercise, running half marathons, the beach, and world travel.


(2021, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review