1001 Energy Tips - eBook

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1001 Energy Tips - eBook

1001 Energy Tips

By: "BTU Bill" Clark 

About the Book

In the modern, high tech world, it's easy to become immersed with technology and the promise to change one's lifestyles. In Save Energy Save $$$, Save Planet Earth, "BTU Bill" Clark compiles simple, easy ways to save energy at home, at work, on the road, and in every aspect of daily life. Accompanied by scientific explanations, the energy-saving tips leave readers with a lot to think about, and even to possibly implement in their lives. Visit for further resources.

About the Author

"BTU Bill" Clark is a licensed Professional Engineer. His energy tips began with a spot on a local AM radio station. He has published two text books with McGraw-Hill, Retro fitting for Energy Conservation and Electrical Design Guide for Commercial Buildings, and numerous tech papers.

(2021, eBook)


"BTU Bill" Clark's 1001 Energy Tips (2nd edition): Save Energy, Save $$$, Save Planet Earth is a useful book if we all want to fight global warming. I have been reading umpteen such books and had never found such common sense, easy to set up ideas and methods to fight this danger. The guide is comprehensive and deals with topics such as our lifestyle, water, each room of our homes, and general principles. It also includes an extremely useful toolbox, a diverse bibliography to dig deeper, a glossary, and an index to make research easier in this 344-page first-rate guide.

"BTU Bill" Clark's 1001 Energy Tips is a fabulous non-fiction work. Unfortunately, we have to deal with the very real situation that the needs of our planet must be taken into account immediately. It is fascinating, clear, easy to follow, and engaging. How could we not change our ways (improve them as much as possible) after having perused this manual? Everything makes your environmentally-conscious life easier and better. The writing is neat, matter-of-fact, and to top it off, the author is not judgmental. This issue is the most important one to deal with nowadays, and we cannot but feel or think that our politicians and leaders do not take it seriously enough. In France, some reforms will only start in 2030. This is outrageous and we have to take matters into our own hands and do our best in our daily lives to minimize our carbon footprint. With the motto "Only you can stop the climate change," each one of us is given the opportunity to help and try to get rid of that bitter sense of guilt and helplessness which for many is growing more acute every day. The chance to actually do something is now. A matter of both individual commitment and collective solidarity. Thank you for an amazing guide!"

Reviewed by Marie-Hélène Fasquel for Readers' Favorite