You Are The Problem, You Are The Solution

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You Are The Problem, You Are The Solution

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You Are The Problem, You Are The Solution
by Andy Holligan You are where you are right now in life because of what has gone into your mind. From this first sentence of Andy Holligans You Are The Problem, You Are The Solution, the author encourages each of us to take responsibility for what we allow to influence us and offers hope to those interested and willing to change their lives for the better. Holligan explores the connection between the subconscious mind and self-esteem before expanding his focus to consider the effects of both positive and negative emotions. Outside influences, including media, are also examined, and the reader finds practical, results-oriented advice on controlling what we allow to shape our lives. Emphasizing the importance of visualization and a positive mental attitude, Holligan reminds us that God created each individual without setting limits on what we can achieve. Our limitations are self-imposedand we can also remove these barriers and free ourselves to achieve the success to which God calls each of us. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Andy Holligan is an independent business owner in his native Scotland, Great Britain and has been involved in Multi level Marketing since 1995. His interests include playing chess, outdoor pursuits, studying military history, reading and dining out. (2008, paperback, 182 pages)