Year 2150: Book 1

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Year 2150: Book 1
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Year 2150: Book 1
by Kevin S. Kim

Year 2150: Book 1 introduces us to a dark city oppressed by a corrupt government, jealousy, and fear of the unknown. Readers will learn valuable moral lessons; that a sense of justice can breed a doer of evil, no matter how badly that person needs it. A greater demand for justice in this society would be ideal, but would breed more hatred and jealous people. Instead of defacing the problem and making assumptions based on popular opinion, it is better to understand the situation instead of judging, which creates unnecessary conflict. Flesh eating, long piercing nails, insomniac people of the undead that kills for the pleasure. President Drake labeled all of us zombies, including the halfzombs. Now the story unfolds the right way.

(2016, Paperback, 214 pages)