Worth the Effort (A Better Way)

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Worth the Effort (A Better Way)
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Worth the Effort
by Lawrence Ruegg

Growing up, Ward Adamson was a typical young man: striving to date the cutest girl in school, advancing in his studies, and participating in his youth group. Although his dream had always been ordination as a pastor, Ward never forgot what his history teacher had told him: you should think about politicsyou could do something to help a change.

Years later, as a successful pastor at an ever-expanding parish, with a loving wife and grown children, he is content in his duties and life as the Reverend Ward Adamson. At the same time, he has closely watched as the American political system has changed. With more stringent rules regarding campaigning, and the elimination of the party system, anyone with passion can be president. And thats when his friend Dennis comes to speak to him regarding a new opportunity...

Will Ward give up his current congregation for a national following? What does a pastor, acting as president, have to offer a nation?

About the Author

Following a Master of Divinity degree from Northwestern Seminary, Lawrence Ruegg served as a pastor for a Lutheran congregation in Walworth, Wisconsin, for thirty years, before serving as interim pastor in congregations in Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Pennsylvania. In his spare time, he enjoys writing materials for both religious and personal use.

This novel is dedicated to the memory of his deceased wife of fifty-eight years, Carol Marie Sayland Ruegg.

(2013, paperback, 162 pages)