Will the Real Human Being Please Stand Up! - eBook

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Will the Real Human Being Please Stand Up! - eBook

Will the Real Human Being Please Stand Up!

By: Jean Mastellone

About the Book

In Will the Real Human Being Please Stand Up! Discovering Your Hidden Self, Jean Mastellone defines a person’s innate abilities of awareness and free choice in relation to the living realities of love, truth, rightness, and loving responsibility. She addresses these two human attributes and shows how they make the “human playing field” essentially equal for all of us, no matter what our position in life.

                Jean discusses our common human behaviors and exposes popular false beliefs that lead us into daily difficulty and suffering. She traces behaviors back to their sources, which are the first reactive choices made while a person is in the womb. She shows how those patterns of behavior have been built by many choices to react over the years of one’s life. She also offers detailed medical studies and examples to support her assertions. Still, those skeptical are encouraged to come along; her observations are realities to which most anyone can relate.


About the Author

Jean Mastellone was born in Manhattan. As a child, she lived mostly in her own world, which was the psychic world. As a teenager, she was outgoing and well liked, but still struggled with two entirely different dimensions of reality. She knew people; she could tell at a glance what was going on with them. Her psychic ability confused her because she was seeing on two levels of a person simultaneously—the conscious and subconscious. They were usually very different.

                Jean eventually began to appreciate her ability and use it for the good of others. She was given a scholarship to the Berkley Psychic Institute by the founder. She did not relate to the agenda at the Institute because her focus had always been on the psychological. Nonetheless, she left with a technical knowledge of how to read a person’s aura, which helped her to get a grasp on her capacity to psychically read a person’s conscious and subconscious.

                Jean returned to New York City, where she became a “psychic sensation.” She began giving clairvoyant psychological readings and seminars on personal development. Her clients were professionals; many were medial doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists. During this time she met Neil Mastellone, a successful businessman who was looking to do something more meaningful with his life. Ultimately, they married and worked together for thirty years, helping people with all kinds of psychological problems.


(2019, eBook)