Will NASA Remember Me? - eBook

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Will NASA Remember Me? - eBook

Will NASA Remember Me?

By: Rodney H. Dorsey

About the Book

Rodney Dorsey endured an early life of depravity and decline, then climbed away from twenty years of insanity, ignorance and indigence, spread across seven American states. Being unprepared for life, he began an eight year military learning experience with travels across France, Africa, Spain, Italy Germany, Holland, Thailand, then fighting in a divisive Vietnam war, while coping with the trauma of the violent death of his brother. After returning to America, still unprepared to properly persevere, but supported by the controversial affirmative action program, he is thrust into the scholarly, abstruse complexities of NASA’s Apollo, Skylab and Space Shuttle mission control centers for the next 42 years during the backdrop of the competing Communist Russian space program. 

Could the first twenty years of ignorance and deprivations, the prevailing NASA racial tension and his own, known academic insufficiencies be pushed asunder, and supplanted by the etiquette, teamwork and protocols of NASA’s required norms which would lead to forty years of space operations intrigue.



About the Authors

Fading health will end life, and then there begins the shrouded continuum of an existence thereafter, but now, I have today’s curiosities. I fervently question the relationship of a man to our entire universe. We cannot envision the immensity of our own galaxy, nor conceive of a universe with a near infinite number of galaxies. And yet “Time immemorial” holds few answers to questions of our universe, but when, or are we to understand more?


(2019, eBook)