When Love Knocks

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When Love Knocks

When Love Knocks

By: Brandon Domineck

About the Book

When Love Knocks is author Brandon Domineck’s way of expressing himself and feeling free, a way of showing that he does not worry about what people think of him.

Growing up with cerebral palsy was challenging for Brandon, and with his speech impediment he found it difficult to express himself and writing gave him a voice. This book introduces us to Carter, a boy with a similar disability, and his childhood best friend, Summer, who loves and accepts him for the person he is inside.


About the Author

Brandon Domineck was born in Atlanta, Georgia, two months earlier than expected, which caused a disability called cerebral palsy. When he was about six months old, doctors told his mother that he would not be able to walk or talk, that he would be virtually a vegetable, but his mother refused to believe that and encouraged him to push himself to do more. She treated him the same way that she treated his older brother and sister, as if he did not have a disability. The family did not have a lot of money or material things, but they had a lot of love.    

Brandon was often bullied because of his disability, which made school hard for him, and he would lash back at the bullies, which resulted in him getting into trouble. But he found inspiration and hope in music, especially Michael Jackson, who taught him it’s okay to be different.


(2018, Paperback, 46 pages)

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