What If…

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What If…

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What If
by Mark Langston

Love, ambition, and the pursuit of dreams - these are the themes dramatized in What If..., a simple yet powerful story of three people, one place, one night. It illuminates the chance encounter of Carla, a waitress in a small-town diner, and Luke, a man in turmoil over a recent romantic loss. The casual conversation the two strike up rapidly escalates into a poignant and profound exploration of the meaning of love, unexpectedly complicated by the entrance and startling revelation of a third party.

About the Author

Actor of television and film and author of Dreams (2009), Mark Langston thrives on enriching the lives of others, and endeavors to do so both as an author, and as a teacher in New York for the past nine years.

(2011, paperback, 44 pages)