Unguarded Moments

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Unguarded Moments

Unguarded Moments

By: W. S. Johnson

About the Book

Unguarded Moments is a romantic adventure. Join in on the journey of a couple who met on a social networking site.

                Their relationship develops and grows as they move to emails and then phone numbers, then while on a romantic getaway a terrorist attack threatens the entire nation’s survival. The couple’s own struggle to survive and then to find their families for their survival shows how in spite of, or perhaps because of, their love they grow into an unbreakable bond.


About the Author

W. S. Johnson was born in the Detroit area in the late 1940s. He attended college in middle Tennessee and left after two years to enlist in the Navy during Vietnam, following which he was honorably discharged. He got married and now has three children, six grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. Forty-seven years later, he was divorced and finally had time to realize his third passion—writing.


(2018, Paperback, 292 pages)

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