Two Wishes for Natty's Birthday

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Two Wishes for Natty's Birthday
by Salome Kingsley As Nattys 5th birthday approaches, she hopes to eat her cake on her mothers precious, off-limits china on the day of her birthday. When the much-anticipated day finally comes, Natty blows out her candles as she also wishes she were a grown-up. In this delightful comical story, Natty finds herself in a great predicament that will leave the readers wondering and guessing until the very end. It is also a fun read for both children and adults alike in exploring a childs point of view through Nattys eyes and in teaching children positive moral values and of the importance of honesty and respect through this evocative yet light-hearted tale. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Born in Bronx, New York, Salome Kingsley has been living in Eastern Pennsylvania for over thirty-five years. She works in the insurance industry and has taken several courses in writing movie scripts, film directing, and acting. In addition, she enjoys reading, watching movies, and listening to music. She hopes to travel the world one day to fully experience the life of different cultures. In addition to writing Two Wishes for Nattys Birthday, Salome has written other poems, short stories, and even music. (2007, paperback, 54 pages)