Traveling with Isaac Newton

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Traveling with Isaac Newton

Traveling with Isaac Newton

By: Barbara ten Brink

About the Book

This realistic novel takes us on a journey with a girl and her family traveling with Isaac Newton. Their adventure is full of love, discovery, and the thrill of science.


About the Author

Barbara ten Brink is a science educator of 46 years, 36 years as a science administrator. She holds three degrees in science and a master’s degree in school administration.

Dr. ten Brink has served as president of several science education organizations serving teachers internationally and within the state of Texas. She was awarded a $2.95 million federal grant to study water quality in Texas. In 2000, she received the distinguished service award from the city of Austin. In 2008, she received the Conservator of the Colorado River Award which she shared with Lady Bird Johnson.


(2019, Paperback, 44 pages)

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