Toys Gone Wild: A Collection

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Toys Gone Wild: A Collection

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Toys Gone Wild: A Collection
by Curtis Yukl

What would you do if your childhood toys came alive in your attic? Which toys would come alive and what would they do? In his adult fiction, Curtis Yukl has imagined a world with rampaging toys, judicial potatoes, and incompetent hit men. Mr. Potato Head goes camping with his family and his overweight, lesbian secretary; God creates a world of creatures that are threatened every time he passes out from doing too much cocaine; the town of Legopolis is defended by G.I. Joes and C.O.B.R.A Commander from the varnished Muppet gang that seeks to destroy it; and a hit man goes after his most influential target yet. In Toys Gone Wild: A Collection, Curtis Yukl offers four ridiculous stories to delight the senses.

About the Author

A native of Portland, Oregon, Curtis Yukl currently lives in Juliaetta, Idaho, where he works as a ranch hand at Clearwater Farm. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, camping, exploring, and animal watching. He was inspired to write Toys Gone Wild: A Collection in response to a wistful longing for his youth.

(2010, paperback, 108 pages)