Three Months with William - eBook

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Three Months with William - eBook

Three Months with William

By: Ruby Shelton

About the Book

Amanda hopped on a bus and headed south, escaping the life she had grown to hate. When she stepped off the bus in Rosebud with only a stroke of luck and her dog Jitters beside her, she immediately set to work finding an apartment and job.

                Soon after starting at the diner, Amanda finds herself attracted to Caleb, the silent customer with the sexy eyes, but before she can get beyond his boundaries, she is abducted.

                Amanda hates her abductor for pulling her away from her chance at a new life. Even so she finds him kind and caring, and during her three months of captivity, she feels loved for the first time in her life.

                After Amanda is released, she realizes she has fallen in love with both Caleb and her abductor. With her abductor’s true identity a mystery and Caleb’s unexpected departure from town, her heart is torn. She has to find a way to forget them both and move on.

                When gentle Jeremy comes along, offering her his heart, she thinks she can do just that. But can she?


About the Author

As a lifelong resident of Missouri, Ruby Shelton loves country living and spending time outdoors. She has three grown children, one granddaughter, and a grandson along the way.

                Since her marriage ended more than twenty-four years ago, Ruby has solely raised and provided for her children. Last year, for the first time, Ruby had an empty nest and began putting her gift of imagination and the written word to good use.

                She enjoys writing romance/suspense novels that evoke emotions in her readers. Ruby says she has accomplished a great piece of work when her novels bring laughter or tears to her readers. She is the author of Emily’s Choice.


(2019, eBook)