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Catholicism in Me

By: Jacqueline Szymczak

About the Book

Author Jacqueline (Jackie) Szymczak nee Brzozowski depicts in her book that doctrines in Catholicism are supposed to be lined up with the truth of God’s written word. And the only way to salvation is through the Lord Jesus Christ back to the Father.

Szymczak continues to rely on that; yet dubious condemning and obscure questionable teachings are concealed covering the true message of Jesus Christ. Light of the Gospel is beyond the cover of the author’s testimony uncovered in Thorns; as doctrines in this belief system governing part of truth and apart from the validity of the whole written word of God.


About the Author

Jacqueline (Jackie) Szymczak nee Brzozowski was born and raised Roman Catholic, the religion passed down from generation to generation in her family. She believes it is preserved by God to the end of the age under the Pope(s).

Szymczak is seeking truth – the truth that is in the Lord Jesus Christ, our God, our Father in Heaven. She believes the Word of God is where all truth is proclaimed and Szymczak was therefore following the Holy Spirit in her to tell what she feels. This is the truth of her story from just one of His many.


(2019, Paperback, 78 pages)

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