This is the Story of the Ceiling

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by James H. Trinh Did you know that scribbling is harder than drawing? It is. Scribbles are unique and complicated and can not be duplicated, even by the most novice of artists. These particular scribbles are the paintings in my head. Thoughts that are captured once and never again. If you watch closely, you will see that these meaningless words and strokes can make you laugh and cry. The scribbles are nothing special. They are not great. They are just there. But if you listen closely, they can tell you the story of a life. It is always hard for me to read the scribble of any life. There are always too many things happening and I can never get it right. I always end up contradicting myself every time I read a scribble. Most of the times I get it wrong and in the instances when I do get it right, I am misinterpreted. This scribble, however, looks very simple and I will read it right here, in this room. It all begins with the ceiling. (2003, paperback, 130 pages)