They Are Still Alive: A Family's Survival in France

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They Are Still Alive: A Family's Survival in France
by Philip Pressel When the Germany army invaded Belgium in May 1940 Phillip Pressel and his parents, a Jewish family, fled to France. They survived with false identification papers, but were subjected to many frightening moments, escapes from being arrested, bombings and street roundups. Philip underwent forced separation from his parents in 1944. He was sheltered by a kind Catholic family in a small village in central France. Neither he nor his parents knew whether they would ever see each other again. Here he saw, up close, many frightening and dangerous episodes. From a childhood in Nazi-occupied France to retirement in San DiegoPhil Pressel is a man who has survived, and lived fully a life of the 20th century. A life worth telling about. In this wonderfully readable memoir, with its touching letters from wartime Europe, Pressel takes us along on his lifes journey. --Roald Hoffman, Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry A terrifyingly true story of the triumph of the human spirit, set against the atrocities of Nazi Germany. This book stunningly illustrates how one familys human kindness can overcome a nation filled with fear and hatred. They Are Still Alive is a compelling read from the early days of WWII to the overwhelming reunion in 2003. --Larry Himmel, Reporter Local 8 News, a CBS affiliate in San Diego. (2004, paperback, 280 pages)