The Will to Do, The Soul to Dare - eBook

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The Will to Do, The Soul to Dare - eBook

The Will to Do, the Soul to Dare

By: Zsolt Rumy

About the Book

Zsolt Rumy is the founder of Zoltek Corporation, the company that brought carbon fibers out of aerospace down to earth, making them affordable in a variety of everyday commercial products. Today, Zoltek carbon fibers can be found in most aircraft brakes, giant - over one hundred meters long - wind turbine blades and in cars, like the Tesla Roadster, Cadillac and Corvette.

                This book tells, in his own words, Zsolt’s story, starting from living in an oppressive communist society in Hungary to experiencing freedom and unbridled opportunity in America. Zsolt, at the age of fourteen, along with his family, escaped from Budapest after the Russians crushed the 1956 revolution. He started in America as a poor immigrant, educated as a chemical engineer and spent a decade in the corporate world before striking out on his own.

                In this autobiography, Zsolt shares his life experiences as a skinny kid throwing Molotov cocktails at Russian tanks on the streets of his beloved Budapest to an exciting and full life in America. He also shares the inspirational business experiences of an entrepreneur starting with nothing and reaching great financial success. Zsolt’s tale will not disappoint.


About the Author

Zsolt Rumy is an immigrant from Hungary who is the founder of the most successful commercial carbon fiber business in the world. This is his first publication.


(2018, eBook)