The Three-Day Journey

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The Three-Day Journey

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The Three-Day Journey
by Dave King

Dr. John Campbells life turns upside down when he receives an ill-fated text message from his old friend, Yi Cheng, who was a missionary with him in Taiwan. He becomes involuntarily wrapped up in a terrorist plot set up by Wen Zhang and his unethical boss, Robert Liu.

After accidentally knowing too much about a building collapse in Taiwan, he is quickly pursued for an attempted assassination by a group of affiliated terrorists. Although John has more pack to his punch than anyone expects, he soon finds himself kidnapped, in Taiwan, and on the run from the terrorists. During his escapades in the far east, he catches up with a few old friends before he is finally captured again by the terrorists and forced into a terrifying situation that threatens his life and everything he loves and stands for.

About the Author

Dr. David King is a native of Utah who now resides in the Kansas City area with his wife and four children. He is a self-employed dentist and enjoys listening to jazz music and running in his free time. He was inspired to write this book from personal experiences he has had throughout his life.

(2008, paperback, 88 pages)