The Real Enemy in the Fight Against AIDS

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The Real Enemy in the Fight Against AIDS

The Real Enemy in the Fight Against AIDS

By: Dr. Elizabeth Kwigema Mwanukuzi


About the Book

The Real Enemy in the Fight Against AIDS shows the challenges for patients facing the treatment for all strategies. Bibi has exposed some of the problems hindering a strategy and suggested plans for the way forward.

As a dermatologist with many years’ experience, Bibi came face to face with the early cases of AIDS before treatment became readily available, but she was fortunate to be involved with a program that established management centres in Tanzania through the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI). This program made her aware how complex management and control measures for HIV and AIDS are. She also realised that after more than 30 years of planning to eliminate the pandemic, the situation remains a major challenge and stakeholders need to go back to the drawing board with new ideas and new strategies, which she hopes this book will stimulate.


About the Author

Dr. Elizabeth Kwigema Mwanukuzi is a retired dermatologist. She was born in Nzega, a village northwest of Tanzania, where she spent her early years, but her late father was a teacher so they moved around the country quite a lot at various schools wherever her father’s teaching duties took him. Her medical training was at University of Dar-es Salaam, then Austria, for dermatology. Her working life has been in Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

Dr. Mwanukuzi has two wonderful daughters, who have been part of this project right from the beginning, with her older daughter, Iku, giving the title for the book, and the younger, Noela, who wrote the beautiful poem at the beginning of the book. Her grandchildren, Chuma (9) and Subira (6), keep her busy, but when they are at school Bibi enjoys gardening and reading.


(2020, Paperback, 444 Pages)


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