The Planet of the Cleaning Bugs

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The Planet of the Cleaning Bugs

The Planet of the Cleaning Bugs

By: Tony Stefano

About the Book

It is the year 2630. Interplanetary travel has been mastered and advancements have been made in every field of human development. But mankind has been morally compromised in many ways; and planets, including Earth, are rampant with evil and crime. Earth’s only hope lies in finding an innocent child who can journey to the mysterious Planet of the Cleaning Bugs for help.

                                The Planet of the Cleaning Bugs is a fantastic adventure, with Jane and her interesting band of allies fighting as hard as they can to save Earth. At the same time, the story provides a meaningful reflection on how good can overcome evil, even when evil appears to be prevailing.


About the Author

Tony Stefano was born in Italy and, after being orphaned a few years after his birth, was taken to Greece. He was then adopted, and he moved to the United States while still a child. He found himself often expressing himself through stories from his past and sometimes even fictional stories. As he tried to write his thoughts down, he struggled due to his lack of education. Now that he has grown to become a writer, he hopes this book can help others, especially children, look at life in a positive and productive way.


(2018, Paperback, 256 pages)

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