The Nonconformist

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The Nonconformist
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The Nonconformist
by Paul Hayden

What would you sacrifice to be with the person you loved and how would you handle those choices decades later? In the 1960s, Jonathan Lewis faces two paths for his life: pursuing a career as a pro surfer and marine biologist or conforming to the corporate expectations of his parents and the family of the woman he loves. After growing up in a critical, dysfunctional family and striving for acceptance from the people he loves most, Jonathan must wrangle with this very question. Should he shed the relationships that have mattered most or give up his dreams? Told through the eyes of Jonathan as an adult, The Nonconformist crackles with excitement on the waves and heartbreak on the sand. The emotional journey of Jonathan Lewis is wrought with fine detail and infused with the passion and art of surfing and the struggle to reconcile what it means to live ones life to the fullest.

A motion picture adaptation of the novel is currently in development.

(2014, Paperback, 454 pages)