The Mind Changer - eBook

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The Mind Changer - eBook

The Mind Changer     

By: Patricia Sabella

About the Book

The people who come into our lives do not come in by chance… there is a purpose when paths cross in our life-journey.

                Young Mina Amato, beautiful and naïve, travels from her small Sicilian village to Boston to marry a Mafia Don’s son. Fiona Burke, escaping from her tragic past in a Dublin Magdalene Laundry, is eager to start a new life in New York. When they meet in steerage, the two form an instant bond. At Ellis Island, they separate, to face their futures alone.

                But America is not the Promised Land they hoped for. Mina tries to make the best of life in her crowded tenement, even as her husband grows violent. Fiona’s job as a model for erotic postcards becomes increasingly dangerous. Around them, other individuals battle to overcome their marginalized status. Henry Jackson, a hero when he fought in France, faces vicious discrimination now he’s home. Police officer William Muller, a first generation German immigrant, does what he can to protect others. Mary Moran, a dedicated nurse, struggles to provide care for the Spanish flu sweeping through Boston. As they cross each other’s paths and intersect in their journeys, they connect and change each other in unexpected ways.

                Rich in period detail, The Mind Changer is an intimate and sweeping look at one year as all types of people struggle to define themselves as Americans and control their destiny.


About the Author

Patricia Sabella grew up in New York City and now resides in southern California with her husband and rescued pets. The Mind Changer is her first novel.