The Magical Penis #2

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The Magical Penis #2
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The Magical Penis #2
by Steven Discenza; New Boss of all Bosses

Strictly speaking, energy is defined by that famous Einstein equation: E=MC2. Hence, what business does the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission have claiming capability to regulate this formula?

It all amounts to absurdity, and leads to only one conclusion: the heads at this agency need education!

So Steven Discenza, in The Magical Penis #2 wittingly points out, in this second installment of The Magical Penis saga.

And the chief executive of the land better beware, as Steven, loathing the ass-kissing performance of the generals in the Arab combat zones, believes he can do better, and the presidential seat is not too far behind.

About the Book

Steven Discenza, New Boss of All Bosses on Staten Island, is a Staten Island native who is a master electrician, then union electrician and former New York City school teacher.

(2012, paperback, 82 pages)