The Last Refuge

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The Last Refuge
by Lois Anne Bucci

The Last Refuge was just a very ordinary suburban neighborhood until one extraordinary day in early spring when two Coopers hawksa breeding paircame by and considered building a nest. Their presence united the neighborhood, bringing elation and quiet joy as people put out rooftop offerings of meat, chicken, even pizza to persuade them to stay.

The following year they were gone, however, because there was no longer any place for them to nest. The beautiful old trees that had sheltered them had been brought down by a couple of Benedict Arnolds and an uncaring, soulless Corporate America.

This lovely book is graced by many wonderful photographs of the natural setting, the raptors, and other wildlife.

About the Author

A native of California, Lois Anne Bucci has lived in her quiet, middle-class California town since 1990, surrounded by her close family and good friends and neighbors.

She is interested in art, writing (of course!), sewing, gardening, and photography. In fact, Lois Anne Bucci took most of the photographs in The Last Refuge herself. When asked why she wrote the book, Bucci put it very simply. When the trees were cut down, she said, I wanted the story told. She has certainly done that.

(2008, paperback, 76 pages)