The Last Arrest

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The Last Arrest

The Last Arrest

By: RM Jordan


About the Book

The Last Arrest centers on an NYPD detective in his last days before retirement. His last case starts out as a routine investigation but turns into a never-ending sequence of twists and turns, taking both him and his forensic companions through one intriguing event after another. All while he must endure and care for his wife whose end date is drawing ever closer.

A mixture of solid detective work, the presence of an artificial intelligence, and an “Inner Voice” guides our detective through unexpected moments and observations right up until the explosive climax in a New York City courtroom.


About the Author

RM Jordan is happily married with two grown children and two grandchildren who provide excitement. He enjoys gardening, sporting clays, reading history, and playing chess.


(2020, Hardcover with Jacket, 548 Pages)


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