The House that Momma Built

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The House that Momma Built

In The House that Momma Built

By: JoAnn Spicer


About the Book

In The House that Momma Built, we meet young Tabby and Rosco, two star-crossed lovers who fight to the ends of the earth to be together and share their love. Join them in their life story filled with laughter, sadness, hope, and peace. But most of all, love.


About the Author

JoAnn Spicer is married, and she and her husband have a large extended family. She has several writing diplomas from Long Ridge writing groups for children and adult courses. She also worked as a home health aide for many years.

JoAnn’s loves include the Lord, family, and her fur babies. Prayer is a constant in her life. She currently lives in Canton, Ohio.


(2020, Hardcover, 30 Pages)


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