The Great Thief: Dawn of a Guardian

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The Great Thief: Dawn of a Guardian

The Great Thief: Dawn of a Guardian

By: Stephanie M. Boné


About the Book

 In this first book in The Great Thief Series, a strange kidnapping occurs in the small hometown of twin sisters, Ama and Ember Elkins. On the verge of rescuing their cousin, the introduction of a cunning foe warps the sisters’ ideas of truth and fiction. Their own family disbelieves the outrageous events the girls describe. When their cousin is taken again, Ember and Ama go on a quest to find her, but are separated, and find their understanding of the world, and even the Universe, isn’t what they learned in school.

The Great Thief Series ventures into different worlds. Untouched by time and stretching the boarders of reality, this series is a wonderland of chaos and unasked questions that will later be answered.


About the Author

 Stephanie M. Boné was born and raised in Hartwell, Georgia. She has always had a flare for fantasy, and enjoys writing and illustrating stories for her family’s amusement. Having dreams about The Great Thief since the age of fourteen, Boné was encouraged by her twin sister to turn them into a book series.


(2020, paperback, 194 pages)

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