The Forgotten American: (Shattered Dreams)

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The Forgotten American: (Shattered Dreams)
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The Forgotten American (Shattered Dreams)
by Paula B. Compton

Paula B. Compton has surely had her share of struggles in her life. A marriage that fell apart after years of physical and emotional abuse, an ex-husband who was estranged from his own daughter, a miscarriageall of these heart-wrenching events seem like too much for one person to handle. But through all the pain, Paula found peace and comfort. Here is her story.

About the Author:

Paula B. Compton has worked in the field of public and private contracts for over thirty-one years in the United States and abroad. She published a book titled Federal Acquisition (Key Issues and Guidance), a basic guide to understanding and working within the complex world of federal government contracting.

Paula received her bachelors degree in architecture and urban planning from California State University; a masters degree in architecture and urban planning from the University of California, Los Angeles; and a masters degree in public law from the David A. Clarke School of Law (formerly the Antioch School of Law).

Paulas daughter encouraged her to write this story so other survivors of discrimination, abuse, and domestic violence might understand there is a better tomorrow.

(2015, Paperback, 192 pages)