The Fatherhood

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The Fatherhood

The Fatherhood

By: Mark Reinhardt

About the Book

The Fatherhood is a suspense-filled crime novel about the horrors and realities of drug-dealing and using – what happens when good people go bad and the ways fathers can shape their children for better or for worse.

Greg Johnson, the loving father of Brad, opens the novel in his quest for the drug dealer who sold his son the drugs that ended his life. The story then launches into that drug dealer’s story, Patrick Landoff, the university football prodigy who crushes his knee and turns to opiates. He gets involved with unsavory characters in his quest to feed his addiction, mixing with drug kingpins, double-dealing minions, and loose women.

This book is unique in that it humanizes the drug dealers while impressing upon readers the seriousness of the crimes they’re committing. Brad Johnson’s father will not rest until he finds justice for his son and readers are treated to a wild ride on the journey with him.


About the Author

Mark Reinhardt is a retired business owner who was born and raised in the Fox Valley, Wisconsin, area, the setting for much of the book. He uses his unique perspective on the culture of the area to weave a backdrop for this novel, combined with his experiences in other areas, to create a hybrid that fits his vision. Some of his writing, however, is based on actual places that exist and events that happened in his hometown, which gives this novel a very raw and relatable tone.

Reinhardt grew up playing football and baseball, and, later in life, has enjoyed spending his time playing racquetball and golf. He also finds pleasure in being outside, working with his horses, and walking his dogs.


(2018, Paperback, 236 pages)

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