The Crone

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The Crone

The Crone : Book One

By: J.M. Smith

About the Book

Denie is the lone survivor of a horrific plane crash. Raised with great love and care by her Uncle Rylan and Devon, they are ready to start a new life. Denie has Down syndrome – but she is exceptional in other ways they will slowly start to realize.

                Settling down in their new home, an eerie visit from the mysterious Momma Clay leaves the family on edge – particularly when she announces that she has called Denie to come. Denie and an old friend are thrust into the unknown. They must piece together a mysterious puzzle and untangle the web spun by the old crone in order to save their loved ones. Or will they be too late?


About the Author


J.M. Smith resides in Las Vegas with his husband, Mitch, and their two dogs. The Crone is his first novel.


(2019, paperback, 154 Pages)


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