The Coffee Clutch - eBook

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The Coffee Clutch - eBook

The Coffee Clutch

By: James and Patricia Wills


About the Book

The Coffee Clutch introduces us to three southern blue-haired ladies who enjoy meeting for coffee and scones each morning at Margaret's house. One morning there is a knock at the door. After opening it, Margaret is shocked to see a man fall through the door, dead. This starts a crazy and wild adventure for the ladies. Who was this man, and why did he show up in the middle of coffee time?

These mid-seventy-year-young ladies, who would have never dreamed of something this exciting, have the experience of a lifetime. Read this exciting murder mystery, The Coffee Clutch, to experience it for yourself.


About the Authors

James Wills is a trained chef with a degree in Restaurant Management, who also has several certifications and a huge list of hobbies, such as sewing, fashion design, stained glass, spinning, weaving, woodworking, candle making, soap making, ceramics, and more.

Patricia Wills is a retired RN, and her last post was Director of Nurses. She too has hobbies, such as crosswords, Sudoku, crochet, quilting, weaving, and reading. She currently is three-quarters done with Book 2 in this series.


(2020, eBook)