The Clever Toad

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The Clever Toad
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The Clever Toad
by Danny Wilson

The Clever Toad is a story about the power of determination and love.

Thomas Find, a toad, has known Princess Tina, a frog, his whole life. The two grew up together and fell in love. But Tinas father, the King, does not approve of Tina marrying a toad, even if he is a well-respected, hard-working toad like Thomas. So the King chooses two frog suitors for his daughter. Thomas refuses to give up his true love though, so he seeks a way to win her hand. When he comes across an old marriage law, he thinks he just may have a chance, but it will take careful planning and a bit of creativity. Thomas is willing to try anything though, and so the king agrees to a race for his daughters hand in marriage, and Thomas must prove his worth.

About the Author

Danny Wilson and his wife live in California, where he works for the state government. In addition to writing, he enjoys cooking, hiking, and jogging.

He has always enjoyed fables and has fond memories of the stories he was told as a child in Louisiana, and this inspired him to write The Clever Toad.

(2012, paperback, 32 pages)