The Book on the Porch

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The Book on the Porch
by Susie L. Kemp The Book on the Porch is a fresh and creative compilation of verse that reflects a womans devotion to her true loves of self, of life, and of the men in her life. Love can be warm, mesmerizing, enlightening, unique, and thought-provoking, but even when the situation is far from ideal, most women are willing to love. We continue to accept the risks because it is through love that we rise. Throughout the poetry of Susie L. Kemp the reader will find personal reflections and the embodiment of the authors exhortation to Find yourself, be yourself, love yourself! In the vivid imagery and lively language of The Book on the Porch we find a vision that embraces life and challenges us to claim our loves. About the Author: Susie L. Kemp is a native of Alabama and now lives in Puerto Rico with her husband. She has studied at the Advertising Arts College in California and William Paterson University in New Jersey. In addition to writing, Ms. Kemp enjoys music, movies, outdoor adventures, art, and travel. (2003, paperback, 68 pages)