The Benevolence Tax = All Inclusive

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The Benevolence Tax = All Inclusive

The Benevolence Tax

By: O. E. Gatson

About the Book

Life, whether long or short, is always followed by death. Death should receive the same attention from the government as a person’s life. A death tax is important and must be implemented.

The Benevolence Tax is a tax to which all workers must contribute in order to maintain an endless source of revenue for the additional upkeep of America. 


About the Author

O. E. Gatson has lived her entire life studying death. She has learned that death has a type of life within itself. Gatson enjoys fishing in the springtime. She has taught in learning centers and private schools. Gatson collects teddy bears and rare stones. She enjoys the music of the late James Brown and the late Geln Campbell.


(2019, Paperback, 52 Pages)


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