The Arrival

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The Arrival

The Arrival

(Unprecedented Rescue)

By: Walter A. Buchanan Jr.

About the Book

Far into the future, Jerry Collins has just been called off sabbatical for a promotion he never asked for. Now tasked with the responsibility of completing the Nova Project, a top secret mission that will save the lives of all the people on his planet, he is put on a collision course with a deadly adversary – one who will stop at nothing to prevent his progress.


About the Author

Walter A Buchanan Jr. was born in East Liverpool, Ohio, on the first day of spring in 1952. He was raised in New Jersey. After his mother died at the age of nine, Walter was shipped off to five different foster homes and learned five different religions because of it. Buchanan entered the Naval service at seventeen and retired twenty-two years later. He worked for twelve years with the USDA and has been a minister since 1973.


(2019, Paperback, 370 pages)