Sunrise Watermelons

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Sunrise Watermelons
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Sunrise Watermelons
by Paula Fawson

For Young Sally, nothing could be dearer than her family, playing and laughing on the porch of their house, sneaking right next to her father on lovely mornings, and above all, having those mouthwatering watermelons.

Everything is going just about perfect for Sally until she hears her father tell of the watermelon seed that grew to be his melon belly. Its a silly tall tale, so Sally thought, until she manages to swallow a watermelon seed down to her own tummy.

What follows is a day filled with anxiety as Sally tries to go about her fun day, which isnt getting funny any more. Then comes the night and getting ready for the bed, she finds her pajama has become too small for her.

What to do? Fortunately for Sally and young fellows out there, Mom is always there to set things straight up, as Sallys mom did for her while tucking her to bed. About the Author

A native of Arizona, Paula Fawson has a degree in elementary education from Dixie State College-Saint George, Utah. She has four childrenAzariah, Maresha, Calista, and Mahonri. She is a teacher at George Washington Academy. While trying to start a single parent alliance for singles, Paula takes special interest in cooking, writing, and 4-wheeling.

(2013, Paperback, 28 pages)