Study the Word in a Year: Old Testament Questions and Answers

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Study the Word in a Year: Old Testament Questions and Answers
by Joseph L. Avery, Jr. Many people are interested in the stories of the Old Testament, but they find the idea of reading that portion of the Bible daunting. Study the Word in a Year seeks to simplify this process and make the Bible more accessible to everyone. Avery breaks the reading down into sections and proposes a plan to read these sections over the course of a year. To focus the readers attention, Avery provides a list of questions associated with each book, such as Job, Numbers, Amos, and Jeremiah. The questions each correspond to a specific verse within that book, helping readers enhance understanding as they read through each section. Study the Word in a Year offers novices a helpful introduction to the Old Testament and provides even experienced biblical readers with new insights. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Joseph L. Avery, Jr., is an ordained pastor who currently works as a counselor for the Department of Mental Health. A resident of Carson, California, he is also a native of the state. He is involved with the Carson Christian Outreach Church and enjoys basketball, football, fishing, and off-road activities. He wrote Study the Word in a Year to encourage his children Moriah, Joseph III, and Jacob to read the Bible. He is also the founder of Alpha & Omega Behavior Management, Inc. (2007, paperback, 50 pages)