Strands of Sollus

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Strands of Sollus
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Strands of Sollus
by Cheryl Suchacek

A contract from the Order of Aurora sends Myst in pursuit of a stolen magic sword. The job soon finds her partnering with Lotus, the rightful owner of the sword, as well as two beings bound to each other, Tol and Grayoch.

In the course of their mission, the group uncovers that behind the theft are sinister forces bent on resurrecting the dark lord, Maridon, in order to overwhelm the forces of light and take over the world of Sollus.

Facing their enemies, Myst finds that not only does she have to contend with Maridon and his minions, she also has to deal with the growing complications of her relationship with Tol and Lotus.

About the Author

After working all day with the public at her job, Cheryl likes nothing more than to curl up with a good book and soft fuzzy blanket. When she is not reading, she writes or plays games on her computer. Cheryl has a wonderfully large, loving family. She considers her husband, Ed, as her biggest supporter and her own personal art slave. She admits she couldn't have done this without him. Cheryl has a daughter, Cheyene and a son Connor, both of whom have provided her with hours of enjoyment. While writing is Cheryls creative outlet, she also has a strong affinity for making chainmail jewelry, wood burning, and interior decorating, about which her husband may have something to say. Cheryl lives near the historical district of Deutsch Town on the North Side of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

(2014, Paperback, 246 pages)