Stolen Vegetable Soup

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Stolen Vegetable Soup

Stolen Vegetable Soup

By: Gary Jones

About the Book

What happens when a bunch of friends and family get together and one of them just happens to be a professional chef? They tend to find more excuses to keep getting together. In a year filled with special occasions, Chef Gary Jones has found a way to bridge the gap between these celebrations. In Stolen Vegetable Soup, with the assistance of team SVS, a roadmap of various party fare is laid out in a way that illustrates not only how to prepare the dishes, but through chatty asides on personal adventures invites you to join the party. So, if you are having a get together, if no one else can help and if you can find them, maybe you can hire… the SVS team.

About the Author

Gary Jones is a professional chef and graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. He currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he and his wifey Mary raise their 3 children – Jacob, Madelyn and Joshua.

(2017, Hardcover, 106 pages)

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