Soul Inspirations

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Soul Inspirations

Soul Inspirations

Stories from Inside the White Picket Fence

By: Lauri Florentine Howell

About the Book

Soul Inspirations is a book that strives to show people that there is much more to life than we see. If we open our minds, while quieting them at the same time, you will hear the universe speak. But you have to be ready to listen.


Life throws curveballs and it was many of these that inspired Lauri Florentine Howell to write each and every one down as a poem in 1998. The author hopes that readers find the poems inspirational and enlightening and that the stories connect with whomever they need to connect with, so that the reader leaves with a higher understanding of life and purpose.


About the Author

Lauri Florentine Howell has been a bartender at HHYC since 2006. In 2008 she helped form the singing duo The Satyn Dolls, who perform '40s jazz standards and dress pin-up style. Married in 2003, she had her first and only child in 2010 at forty-four years of age. Lauri began studying astrology in 1995 and continues to read spiritual and esoteric material. In 1998, she began writing inspirational poetry and started voice lessons to learn to sing properly. Tasting wine, cooking, entertaining with friends and family are a few of the things that give meaning to her life.


(2019, Paperback, 156 pages)

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