Smiling on a Troubled Planet - eBook

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Smiling on a Troubled Planet - eBook

Smiling on a Troubled Planet
by David O. Idahosa

A British-born Arab man studying at University College in London decides to be recruited by the terrorist group ISIS, in an attempt to liberate them from their world of hatred and vengeance. An American billionaire who believes he can make the world become a better place for humanity. A Japanese student schooled in Canada and later finds a job in the United States. An African writer residing in Paris. A French-born Arab woman who is a lawyer in France and working for many politicians. A refugee born and raised in Ethiopia who moves, with his parents, to live in Somalia—a place torn apart by war—prompting him to flee to Europe on a boat after his parents are killed by terrorists.

These six people are called by the Universe when their souls journey to the land of the immortals, where they encounter the gods and goddesses. On returning to Earth to carry out the risky tasks of healing humanity and returning it to its maker. They face a series of events and obstacles from their unknown foes. But they will not relinquish their commitments to humanity and nature, or cease to love and cherish the planet they inhabit, and allow it to be set ablaze by problems that could bring it to annihilation.

Will they be a success or will they be exterminated from the surface of the Earth?

About the Author:

David O. Idahosa was born and raised in Nigeria. He currently resides in Luxembourg. He derives much pleasure from reading. He is also an ambitious writer and enjoys telling stories related to humanity and nature.

(2017, eBook)