She Who Remembers

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She Who Remembers
by India Alar Moon She Who Remembers offers an intriguing look from the eyes of one of the First Tribe who has been on this planet since the beginning into the time of Jesus. She returns to this time, while shedding light on the path of destruction that the Human Tribe is currently enveloping. This is a true call to abandon materialism and selfishness, to reconnect to God and all of Gods creation, and a call to arms to those of Living Spirit ready to answer the call. India Alar Moon asserts that religions and egos must be put aside to change the flow of energy in the world before it is too late. ABOUT THE AUTHOR India Alar Moon has a holistic repertoire of professional experiences that encompass the spiritual, physical, psychological, and emotional realms. India is a general contractor, an ordained minister, a massage therapist, herbalist, personal trainer, and a certified reflexologist living between Wyoming and California. For more than twenty-five years, India has shared her gifts with the Native American, Black, and white communities, working on people free of charge to help them overcome challenges and deal with other pertinent issues. India engages in many extreme sports, including long-distance hiking and mountain biking, and has ridden her horses 750 miles from the New Mexico border to the Colorado border cross-country. She is married to her husband Jim of eleven years. This is her first published book. (2006, paperback, 92 pages)