Sharp Eye & The Herd That Was Lost

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Sharp Eye & The Herd That Was Lost

Sharp Eye & The Herd That Was Lost

By: Amer Al-Khayyat

About the Book

In the African Savanna, what was once green grassland was now dead and brown because there hadn’t been rain for a very long time. Tired, weak, and hopeless, all of the herds of animals trekked along, desperately searching for an oasis.

Coming to a fork in the road, a young wildebeest named Griu decides to go one way while the rest of its herd insists the other way is where they’ll find water.

Is Griu making a huge mistake? Sharp Eye and the Herd that Was Lost teaches us that we should think for ourselves even if we are outnumbered by others’ opinions. We should all be ready and willing to follow our own path in life.


About the Author

Amer is a Stanford graduate and accomplished businessman. He has achieved success, learning to overcome challenges of life’s ups and downs. Amer is a strong advocate of children’s literature and education. He is also an avid reader of philosophy and religion.


(2019, Hardcover, 34 pages)

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